The 2008 crisis was a wakeup call for a lot of people that it is all about the timing when you are going to buy a property. Before the housing bubble, people were willing to pay a huge amount of money on their property. In the end, the price of these properties crashed after the financial crisis.

Now, if you have some extra cash during these events, it is a good idea that you turn towards real estate. Historically, the value of real estate appreciates in value over the next years to come. It means that you will be able to get an ROI quite fast given the chances that the economy is going to recover. But of course, it can still be considered a gamble. Though the 2008 crisis was already 11 years ago, you will still see a lot of homebuyers that have a phobia when it comes to buying their property.

You will need to understand that it is risky. However, if you are considering a real estate property as a long term asset, you will still be winning in the long run.